How you can help

  • Tell as many Mod token holders you know about this site and ask/help them to vote no.
  • If you still have tokens at an exchange (including Binance and Kucoin) make sure to withdraw them (the withdrawal fee at Binance is 5 Mod) so that you can participate in the vote. If we lose this vote and you don´t bother to do the conversion, your tokens may eventually be rendered obsolete.
  • We fear that many Mod token holders have either forgotten about their token or, due to short notice to vote, may find out about the vote too late. This problem relates directly to token holder´s general anonymity. To help reach as many token holders as possible, one possible method is, although we admit this may be a shot in the dark, to write a polite and informative comment on (big) token holder´s ETH address. For example something like the following "Hi I noticed you hold Mod tokens. Protect your investment by voting NO to the proposed token-equity-swap held 21 August - 4 September. For more info go here "".


The community have created an ERC-20 token called MODVOTE which is airdropped to ordinary MOD tokenholders. The purpose of this is to spread awareness of the upcoming token vote and encourage people to vote. Check out "" for more information.